10102 TIGER TOOL U-Joint Puller

The World's greatest U-Joint Puller! Engineered for use with up to a one-inch impact wrench, this tool provides the ultimate "brute strength" for disassembling drivelines.

Fits Spicer drivelines 1610, 1710, 1760, 1810, 1880, Meritor (Rockwell) 16N, 17N, 18N, 1710, Spicer SPL 140, 170, 250 "Life Series", and Meritor RPL 20, 25 "Permalube" Series. (Virtually all Class 7 and 8 Trucks and Machinery)

* Eliminates dangerous jacking, hammering, and torching.
* Removes sealed u-joint cups in minutes.
* Does not damage the driveshaft, yokes, joints, or bearing cups.
* Patented design provides the most effective mechanical advantage for disassembly.
* Tested and recommended by Dana Spicer Corp.
* One piece unit (no assembly required). No bolts, no cables, and no adapters.

CALL FOR PRICING Severe Duty - Fits All Heavy-Duty Truck Drivelines

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OEM Pro Am Tools - TIGER TOOLS - 10102 U-joint Puller

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