With QuikStrip® screw strips there's no threading or adjustment, nothing to loosen or tighten - just stick them in and go! The rigid strips resist tangling in the box or in the quiver. Don't waste time looking for the box when you reload. Grab a new strip from the Quik Draw quiver, snap it in place and keep on driving! Screws under the fingernail and the wasted motion of loading individual screws are a thing of the past. QD2000® tools load as fast as you can drive.

QUIKDRIVE - Screw Fastening System For Many Applications

Floors & Underlay

Metal Roofing

Wood Siding

Decks & Docks


Steel Framing

QD2000SDSF Drywall, Underlayment, Subfloor & Decking - Dewalt Driver 1-1/4" to 2-1/2"
PROCCS Drywall, Subfloor & Decks - Dewalt Driver - 1" to 3" Screws
FASTENERS Subfloor - Underlay - Decking - Drywall

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OEM Pro Am Tools - QuikDrive Automatic Screw Fastening System

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